Sector: Energy Transition
Acquisition Year: 2022
Status: In Portfolio
Country: Italy
June 2022

Bruno Generators Group (“BGG”) is one of the leading international players in the design, production, distribution and rental of premium medium-high power generators and lighting towers.

The transaction consisted in the acquisition of a stake equal to 41.5% of the share capital of BGG, through a vehicle participated by Space Capital Club’s shareholders and financed in part with bank debt, in the context of a family reorganization.

With 4 plants in Italy and a direct commercial presence in UK, USA and Germany, BGG has an established international presence (exports account for over 60% of turnover) in more than 70 countries with a wide and heterogeneous customer base active in diversified target markets.

Generators produced by BGG feature a high level of customization and industry-leading performance in terms of energy efficiency, emission containment, soundproofing and resistance to extreme environmental conditions, thus finding application in various fields such as: energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and data centers, shipbuilding, infrastructure, defense and civil protection, event organization.

In 2021 the Group has recorded consolidated revenues equal to €110 million and an EBITDA margin of about 25%

Sector: Biomedical
Acquisition Year: 2020
Status: In Portfolio
Country: Italy
December 2020

Adler Ortho S.p.A. is a biomedical company active in the design and production of high-tech orthopedic prostheses for complex surgical implants mainly for hip and knee joint replacement.

The transaction consisted in the subscription of a minority stake equal to 35% of the company's share capital through a reserved capital increase of Euro 22 million in favor of a vehicle, Space Orion S.p.A., specifically set up by Space Capital Club shareholders.

Founded in 2004 by the Cremascoli family, which boasts over 50 years of experience in the orthopedics sector, and led today by the second generation represented by Edgardo and Davide, sons of the founder Patrizio Cremascoli, Adler Ortho is based in Cormano (Milan), and has 3 production plants in Italy.

Adler Ortho recorded a turnover of approximately Euro 40 million in 2019, with an EBITDA margin of 16%. The company has a work force of approximately 150 people and a consolidated international presence; in fact, about 50% of the turnover is recorded abroad and in particular in France, Japan and the UK.

A pioneer in additive manufacturing technology (3D printing), Adler Ortho was the first player in the industry to adopt this technology on an industrial scale and is characterized by a broad pipeline of highly innovative products, particularly in the field of revision and limb salvage (for example for oncological interventions or for severe trauma).